Autel Updates

Below you can find the procedure to update your Autel device. The following procedure excludes professional devices such as the MX808 series and MaxiSys series of, these should be installed using WiFi via the device itself, no update application is required for this.

  1. Create an account at, or log in with your existing account
  2. Register your device with the serial number and password. The password of the tester can be found in the tester itself when it is connected in the "about" or "about" menu
  3. After registering your account and device, download the software here
  4. Install the downloaded software
  5. Connect the device to the computer and put it in update mode via the menu
  6. Launch the software, the tester will automatically recognize the device
  7. Log into the software with your Autel account
  8. A list of software to update will appear