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Enhance your BMW's diagnostics and programming capabilities with the premium ENET OBD Interface Cable. Designed specifically for BMW F-series vehicles, this robust Ethernet to OBD2 cable, in conjunction with the right software, empowers you to activate concealed functions, program modules, and perform comprehensive diagnostic operations. Embrace the sophistication of BMW's technology effortlessly with our user-friendly yet advanced ENET cable.

The BMW ENET OBD E-SYS ICOM cable is an Ethernet to OBD2 cable suitable for the BMW F-series (1 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 7 series, GT, X3). This Ethernet cable allows you, in combination with the appropriate software, to activate hidden functions of your BMW, or program modules.

Of course, it is also possible to use this software to perform diagnostic functions on your car and any service and/or reset procedures. Please note that even though the product is easy to use, it is intended for advanced users.

Only the hardware is supplied. You must provide the appropriate software yourself.

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10 Feedback Company
from 50 reviews
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BMW ENET OBD Interface E-SYS ICOM RJ45 - Your Gateway to Advanced Diagnostics

Dive into the details of the BMW ENET OBD Interface Cable, the indispensable tool for BMW F-series owners and technicians. Our cable supports a broad range of models including the 1 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 7 series, GT, and X3, ensuring comprehensive compatibility. It's not just a diagnostic tool; it's a bridge to your BMW's deeper functionalities, enabling activations, coding, and service procedures. Its user-friendly nature is balanced with advanced capabilities, making it ideal for both enthusiasts and professional technicians. Note: While the cable is straightforward to use, it is optimized for users with advanced knowledge or professional experience.

The BMW ENET data cable is suitable for programming modules or activating hidden functions. Only the hardware is supplied. You need to provide the appropriate software yourself. For example suitable for use with the following software: E-SYS, INPA, ISTA, ISIS, ICOM, ECOM, Rheingold.

An overview of the possibilities:

  • 1. Turning sounds on and off
  • 2. Adjust navigation menu, adjust safety mode
  • 3. Viewing engine specifications while driving (torque meter)
  • 4. Activate voice recognition function
  • 5. Customizing Bluetooth phone ringtones
  • 6. Digital speedometer
  • 7. Air-condition memory adjusting
  • 8. Adjust small and large screen sizes
  • 9. Adjust and or disable seat belt notifications
  • 10. Angel eyes functions
  • 11. Engine start and stop function management
  • 12. GPS time synchronization
  • 13. Activate sport transmission program function, sport+
  • 14. Some microphone functions
  • 15. Access to internet programs
  • 16. Front camera management
  • 17. Rear camera management
  • 18. Seat belt warning
  • 19. Etc etc etc
Advantages & drawbacks
  • Activate hidden functions
  • Compatible with E-SYS, INPA, ISTA, ISIS, ICOM, ECOM, Rheingold
  • Full control yourself
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for F-series BMWs
  • Your laptop or computer must be equipped with an Ethernet (network) connection
  • Only the interface is provided, you need to provide the software yourself
Specs summary
  • Manufacturer BMW
  • Device properties Connect to computer
  • Features Adapter, Parts coding, Interface, Coding
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Works fine does what...

Works fine does what it is supposed to do.