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Launch diagnostic equipment: serious tools for real car lovers

If you've landed on this page, you probably already know how essential a solid piece of diagnostic tools is in these modern automotive times. Meet Launch.

Whether you're in a garage day in and day out or like to dive under your own car on the weekends, Launch has the tools you need. They combine technology and craftsmanship in a way that truly impresses.

Why Choose Launch.

  1. Technological Superiority: With nearly three decades of experience in the automotive industry, Launch is known for its pioneering technologies and high-quality diagnostic tools. From the compact Creader series for quick fault code scan to the professional X-431 series for in-depth vehicle diagnostics - Launch has it all.
  2. Global Recognition: Chosen by automotive technicians worldwide, Launch is synonymous with reliability. Whether you run a garage or are a car enthusiast, Launch's products are designed to meet your expectations.
  3. Regular Updates: In a rapidly evolving automotive world, Launch ensures that their tools stay updated with the latest vehicle models and technologies.

Our assortment of Launch product

Browse our selection of Launch diagnostic devices. Whether you're looking for an entry-level scanner or an advanced all-in-one device, Carvitas has the perfect solution for your needs.

Expert support

At Carvitas, we are ready to guide you through your purchase. Our team of experts can advise you on the best Launch product for your specific needs.


Rely on Launch for accurate, efficient and reliable automotive diagnostics. Add a Launch device to your toolkit today and experience the difference.

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Launch CRP123 X

Launch CRP123X

€240.00 Retail price €265.00
Launch CRP129 X

Launch CRP129X

€310.00 Retail price €345.00
Crp909x voorkant

Launch CRP909X

€580.00 Retail price €645.00
Launch CRP919 X

Launch CRP919X

€625.00 Retail price €695.00
No stock
Launch CRP919 X BT

Launch CRP919X BT

€670.00 Retail price €745.00