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OBD2 Bluetooth interfaces

Reading codes from your car with a mobile phone or tablet sounds almost too good to be true. Nothing could be further from the truth, with new techniques it is becoming increasingly cheaper to read fault codes from your car yourself. Bluetooth OBD interfaces are now extremely popular, you plug the adapter into your OBD2 port, connect your phone, computer or tablet via Bluetooth to the adapter and you are ready to read your car with an app.

OBD Bluetooth for both Android and iOS

An Android phone or tablet or a iOS Apple iPhone or iPad tablet is used to read codes from your car with a OBD Bluetooth device. Since Android is an open operating system, it lends itself extremely well to car diagnostics and homemade apps to read your car with a mobile or tablet. More and more apps for iOS are developed also. In general, live data and error codes are available. However, with specialized software, more is features are available.

Make a OBD2 diagnosis with an app

In general, the adapter is used in combination with an OBD2 android app or iOS app. The most popular apps are Torque or Torque Pro, OBD Doctor, OBDLink, Car scanner, Bimmercode, Forscan, ABRP and EV notify. Most of the apps are for code scanning, but we all the electric vehicles (EV) there are more and more specific EV apps available that give you information about your battery or charging stations. Sometimes it takes some research to find the right app and settings for your car, if you can't find it, we are of course always there for you.

Expensive OBD2 scanners are not always necessary

As you read, it is not always necessary to purchase an expensive OBD2 scanner or other diagnostic equipment for a simple diagnosis of your car. A simple OBDLink OBD2 adapter can suffice. It's easy to carier with you and to connect to your car.

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Obdlink mx bluetooth ios

OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth Interface iOS&Android

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