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Original products

Carvitas has a wide range of high-quality products. All our products are original products with a 2-year warranty. We are an official dealer of all brands on our website.

Beware of counterfeit diagnostic equipment

You want to diagnose your car, whether professionally or privately, without any problems and without any risk. We understand this like no other and therefore attach great importance to quality and service.
Unfortunately, more and more counterfeits are being offered in Europe, especially on the big (Chinese/German) marketplaces in dubious webshops. Many sellers on these platforms import counterfeits on a large scale, mainly from China (often seen by the low price!).
We guarantee to supply only original products, which are bought through the official channels, and where you can count on the best service and aftersales by us and the official importers.

What does our product range consist of?

  • Original Autel products
  • Original iCarsoft products
  • Original Foxwell products
  • Original OBDLink products
  • Original VCDS (VAG-COM) products
  • Original Secons TO / HI / PSA / FO / FI / PO - COM products
  • Original VCP System products

What is the risk of counterfeit products or gray imports?

If you have bought a counterfeit device or parallel import device, this can have minor to far-reaching consequences. You run the risk of the following:

  • You often have no or limited warranty
  • Gray imports can be blocked for updates by the manufacturer
  • Counterfeit equipment can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle
  • Counterfeit equipment can fail more quickly, due to the use of poorer quality parts (hence the lower price)
  • You must pay import duties and VAT on top of the purchase price for purchases outside the EU
  • Sellers on marketplaces do not provide professional support for issues or updates
  • Returns are not possible, or very expensive. Often because the product has to go back to China. The costs are for the buyer.

What can you expect from us?

Due to our extensive purchasing network, we only offer diagnostic equipment directly from importers for brands for which we are not an importer ourselves. This means that you receive original equipment. You always receive a minimum of 2 years warranty on the equipment supplied by us.

Support on devices bought elsewhere

We only support devices purchased from us. If you have purchased your device on an (international) marketplace, you can be almost certain that this is a counterfeit or gray import, we do not provide support or warranty for this.