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OBD2 Diagnostic equipment and cables

Carvitas has the largest range of OBD2 diagnostic equipment and OBD cables in Europe. We are official dealer of all major brands and can deliver everything from our own stock. This way you can get started in no time with reliable diagnostic tools, scanners and service equipment.

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OBD2 Diagnostic equipment

There is a lot of OBD diagnostic equipment on the market, so it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. At Carvitas we strive to find a solution for your diagnostic problem or challenge. We do this by combining personal contact with our many years of experience in the field of car diagnosis. Would you like to read more about reading your car yourself and immediately see the available diagnostic equipment? Then you can go to the car diagnostics section.

To choose the right code reader, it is important to know the difference between a number of different stages in the history of On Board Diagnostics (OBD), namely:

The different stages are explained below.

OBD1 diagnostics also possible

OBD1 is a collective name for various older protocols for car code reading. In the 1980s and 1990s, almost every car manufacturer made its own software with different connections for car diagnosis. It was not until later that a standard was developed for this. A common misconception is that these older cars can be read more easily and cheaply, nothing could be further from the truth. Due to the fragmented information that was made available by car manufacturers at the time, it was and is difficult to make good diagnostic software and diagnostic equipment for OBD1.

We have specially developed OBD1 readers for older cars. These often work with adapter cables. The OBD1 protocol is the predecessor of OBD2. In 1988 it was decided that every car had to be equipped with an Check Engine Light (MIL or Malfunction Indicator Light). It had to be possible to store and read engine fault codes. With OBD1 there were no specifications that a OBD plug had to meet. Therefore, there are many different OBD1 plugs on the market. There were also no guidelines for OBD1 codes. Most car brands therefore worked with their own error codes.

OBD2 diagnostic equipment for every car make

Carvitas is the main supplier of diagnostic equipment for many major companies in Europe. We also offer suitable solutions for consumers and small garages who want to make a reliable diagnosis. For everyone and for every type of car. For consumers, for example, we have the affordable iCarsoft devices in our range, which provide an easy-to-understand diagnosis at a high level.Read and erase trouble codes in a car is most often done with OBD2 reading equipment. Diagnose your check engine light is done in no time.

Universal car diagnostic tools & car scanners for a specific brand

Do you also want to diagnose other modules in addition to OBD2? We have for example Autel and iCarsoft faultcode readers for specific car brands. In addition to the engine management, an Autel or iCarsoft can read many other systems and erase faultcodes in many modues. We supply our diagnostic tools in all kind of languages.

EPB and TPMS systems

Specific systems such as EPB (electronic parking brake) and TPMS (tyre pressure sensors) cannot be accessed with many devices. We have put together a special range of products for these systems, so that you are able to release the parking brake and activate TPMS sensors yourself or program new sensors.

Popular OBD2 interfaces

Popular dealer level OBD interfaces for various car makes, such as VCDS, PSAcom, Ficom, VCP, PoCOM, etc. are also available. With these diagnostic interfaces you are able to diagnose, coding and program vehicles at dealer level. This equipment is indispensable for the specialist and, for example, body repair shops.

Wireless OBD2 scanner

If you want to read fault codes without a cable, you can use a wireless OBD2 device, or also called a Bluetooh OBD2 scanner. You can think of an OBDLink MX+ bluetooth interface for iOS and Android, or a VCDS HEX Net WiFi interface. With this diagnostic equipment it is possible to read your car with a telephone or tablet. Live data can also be displayed.Buying a diagnostic device for your workshop or for private use is done quickly at Carvitas.com