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OBD Diagnostic tools

Do you want to read the OBD fault codes of your car yourself? There are many types of OBD/OBD2/EOBD readers on the market that make this possible. We supply all types of OBD tools, such as diagnostic interfaces, error code readers, interval resetters and scan tools. OBD equipment is used to diagnose a car. This way you can see whether your car indicates error codes, you can delete error codes, turn off service lights, program certain systems and often also view live data.


With us you have a wide choice of diagnostic interfaces. An interface works via a laptop or computer. You can make a complete diagnosis with our interfaces and make adjustments where necessary. An interface is an option with often the most possibilities if the right software is used.

OBD Code readers

If you want to use a standalone device to read trouble codes from a car, you can, for example, opt for our Autel AutoLink or an iCarsoft OBD reader. This does not require a separate laptop or computer with licensed software. A OBD reader is compact and very easy to use in the car. The functionalities of a OBD reader differ. In our range we have something for everyone. Reading error codes in your car is always possible. The more expensive the equipment, the more possibilities.

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