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B2B inquiries

Are you a business customer or organization looking for larger quantities, but cannot find what you are looking for in our webshop? Then we can help you with Carvitas B2B. From now on it is possible to request products with the desired quantity from us. We handle requests with a minimum order value of €350 and can deliver this to you at any address.


Special for businesses and organizations, Carvitas has staff dedicated to helping you find the right products and solutions. Whether you are looking for diagnostic equipment, loose cables or OBD plugs. We are happy to think along with you. It can be that simple.

The business solution to your issue is at your fingertips. Carvitas can cater to various needs in the areas of car diagnostics, fleet solutions, trip recording accessories etc. In today's time when efficiency and speed are becoming increasingly important, it is not surprising that more and more technologies are being used to make processes run more efficiently. In the transport world and among fleet owners, measuring and tracking the fleet has become quite normal. Carvitas can supply (customized) products for business customers on request, so that you always keep control of your fleet.

Even if, as a business, you maintain your own fleet, have a garage business, or need equipment for training purposes, we can provide you with advice and for larger quantities of diagnostic equipment, or accessories, we can offer attractive terms, such as payment on account, or volume discounts.

You can place your business request using the form below. Please be as specific as possible. We will contact you soon with the possibilities and conditions.