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Battery tester

A battery tester should not be missing in any well-equipped (professional) garage. A good quality battery tester gives you a quick and reliable diagnosis of your car or motorcycle battery. Nowadays more and more types of batteries are being used in cars, don't think of your standard battery, but for example start-stop batteries or extra batteries in recreational vehicles.

When purchasing a battery tester, it is important that you take a good look at what you need and which voltage and capacity the battery tester can measure. There are also battery testers that can print the status and more.

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Autel Maxi BAS BT506 Accu tester

Autel MaxiBAS BT506

Foxwell BT100

Foxwell BT100 Battery Tester

€81.00 Retail price €95.00
Foxwell BT715

Foxwell BT715 Battery Tester

€179.00 Retail price €210.00