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Seat diagnostics

Zelf uw Seat uitlezen via de OBD2 aansluiting in uw auto gaat makkelijk en veilig met onderstaande producten. Wanneer u zelf het onderhoud van uw auto doet, of enkel incidenteel het motormanagement lampje wilt resetten na het vervangen van een onderdeel, wij hebben de juiste apparatuur in ons assortiment voor u.

Do it yourself: Seat service & maintenance

Carrying out maintenance on your Seat or other VAG models yourself is becoming both easier and more difficult with modern techniques. Nowadays parts are more difficult to access and more electronics are used. However, because more electronics are used, it is nowadays often easier to diagnose with good OBD2 equipment. Especially with more extensive equipment, such as VCDS, or the extensive Autel MX808. If you only want to do an Emission test for the APK2 and, for example, want to reset the engine management light, you can opt for an Autel AL529. Visiting a Seat dealer is therefore no longer always necessary.

OBD Plug

The location of the diagnosis connection (popularly known as OBD or OBD2 plug) in modern Seat and VAG models can often be found below the steering wheel near the fuses. Incidentally, this is also placed near the center console. Please note that in older cars that use a 2x2 connection, the diagnostic port can often be located in different places, including under the hood.

Emission malfunction

Modern Seat models also regularly have to deal with emission malfunctions while driving, this can be due to a defective air mass sensor, for example. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint these problems. For example, with the iCarsoft VAWS V1.0 and 2.0 you can often easily locate the problems and reset the found errors after repairing the cause. Maintaining your car has never been easier.

Specialist Seat and VAG equipment

For the (damage) specialists, we also have equipment in stock to, for example, operate the electronic parking brake, regenerate the particulate filter, or calibrate the steering angle sensor yourself. For this and much more, you can go to our specialized VAG interfaces, which you can find here.

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Autel Maxi DAS DS900 BT

Autel MaxiDAS DS900BT

Autel Maxi DAS DS900 TS

Autel MaxiDAS DS900TS

Autel MS906 Pro

Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro

Autel Maxi SYS MS906 Pro TS

Autel MaxiSYS MS906 Pro-TS

Autel Maxi SYS MS906 S

Autel MaxiSys MS906S

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Autel Maxi TPMS TS508

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508

Autel PS100

Autel PowerScan PS100

I70 II 3

Foxwell i70-II

€714.00 Retail price €840.00
I70 BT 5

Foxwell i70BT

€816.00 Retail price €960.00
Foxwell NT301 APK2 scantool

Foxwell NT301 OBD II Universal Scanning Tool MOT

€115.00 Retail price €135.00
Foxwell NT530 Volkswagen Audi Seat Skoda

Foxwell NT530 Volkswagen / Audi / Seat / Skoda

€234.00 Retail price €275.00
Foxwell NT630 Plus

Foxwell NT630 Plus OBD2/ABS/Airbag Tool

€179.00 Retail price €210.00
Foxwell nt650 elite 1

Foxwell NT650 Elite

€251.00 Retail price €295.00
Foxwell NT680

Foxwell NT680

€293.00 Retail price €345.00
Foxwell nt680 lite

Foxwell NT680 Lite Engine/ABS/Airbag/Transmission

€208.00 Retail price €245.00
Foxwell NT680 Pro

Foxwell NT680 Pro

€404.00 Retail price €475.00
I Carsoft CR Genius

iCarsoft CR Genius

I Carsoft CR Max

iCarsoft CR Max

€375.00 Retail price €445.00
I Carsoft CR Plus

iCarsoft CR Plus Professional

I Carsoft CR Pro

iCarsoft CR Pro+

I Carsoft CR Ultra

iCarsoft CR Ultra

€1,489.00 Retail price €2,300.00
I Carsoft diagnose EU

iCarsoft EU Max

Icarsoft eu pro

iCarsoft EU Pro

Icarsoft i800

iCarsoft i800 OBD2

Icarsoft i820

iCarsoft i820 OBD2

I Carsoft VAWS V1 0

iCarsoft VAWS V1.0 Volkswagen / Audi / Seat / Skoda diagnostic device

€115.00 Retail price €145.00
Icarsoft vaws v2 0

iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 Volkswagen / Audi / Seat / Skoda

€165.00 Retail price €215.00
I Carsoft VAWS V3 0

iCarsoft VAWS V3.0 Volkswagen / Audi / Seat / Skoda

€209.00 Retail price €265.00
Launch CRP123 X

Launch CRP123X

Launch CRP129 X

Launch CRP129X

Crp909x voorkant

Launch CRP909X

Launch CRP919 X

Launch CRP919X

Launch CRP919 X BT

Launch CRP919X BT

OBD Link LX Bluetooth

OBDLink LX Bluetooth Interface

Obdlink mx bluetooth ios

OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth Interface iOS&Android

€149.00 Retail price €159.00
OBD Link SX USB interface

OBDLink SX USB Interface

Autel MX TPMS sensor

TPMS sensor Autel MX



Vcds hex v2 usb