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Tesla OBD2

Reading data from a Tesla is made possible for everyone with the products of Carvitas. The correct composition of a OBD device, also known as an OBD dongle, and the accompanying adapter cable for Tesla, makes it possible to extract and show all kinds of data from your Tesla and store it in a suitable app, such as Scan My Tesla or TM Spy. This way you will learn much more about the driving range, charging behavior, driving behavior, battery capacity, temperature of the battery, etc. Installation and operation is simple. What needs to be done to get data out of your Tesla? You start by connecting the diagnostic cable adapter to the Tesla Diagnostic Connector / TDC. This is Tesla's proprietary diagnostic port. Then connect here to an OBD2 dongle, an OBDLink in this case. With the Scan My Tesla app, or TM Spy, you can then view (live) data from your Tesla. Curious about the possibilities for your Tesla? View our range, or ask us a question. We are happy to help you.

Tesla diagnostic cables

Tesla diagnostic cables are necessary to make it possible to extract data from your Tesla. You can read a Tesla yourself, with the right products. These products are made available by us. In collaboration with a number of partners, we offer the possibility to expose data from your Tesla. Close cooperation has ensured that both hardware and software are available. The hardware manifests itself in the form of a diagnosis cable (the adapter cable from the Tesla diagnosis plug to a normal OBD2 plug) and software in the form of an app. In between, an OBDLink dongle serves to send all data from the Tesla to the app. This enables a quick and easy diagnosis of the battery pack, or battery pack in English. The ScanMyTesla app, which has been specially developed for this purpose, provides a deep and accurate insight into your Tesla, for example to view data on energy consumption/consumption and charging.

View data about charging, range and trip.

A much-discussed point with electric vehicles (also called EV) is the trip; the distance driven with a full battery. The app can help you gain more insight into Tesla's technology and your driving style. This way you can plan your trips more effectively and save travel time. As mentioned, many people who own an electric car want to have the largest possible range. In other words; they want to be able to cover as long a distance as possible with 1 battery charge. Diagnostic cables and apps help to get the most out of the battery. People who use techniques to keep consumption as low as possible are also called hypermilers. Hypermiling is actually nothing more than energy-efficient driving, by driving at a lower speed and constantly, with minimal use of the brakes.

The app gives Tesla drivers insight into the behavior of the Battery Management System (BMS) in real-world conditions. How do the stated values relate to the actual values? What does short or long charging do to the battery pack and what about the cells after a certain period of time? Tesla monitors each cell at a very detailed level and in this way can ensure that charging of the battery is controlled, temperatures are closely monitored and where necessary the batteries are heated or cooled to ensure optimum performance and lifespan. from the battery pack.

Why read data from your Tesla yourself?

What are the benefits of using Tesla diagnostic cables?

  • Quick check of your battery pack
  • Transparency in the operation of your Tesla
  • Works on Model S, X, 3 and Y
  • Plug & Play, easy installation
  • View data on your phone or tablet
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Safe to use; no unwanted changes are made to the Tesla

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