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OBDLink provides high quality interfaces with associated software and apps. OBDLink will allow you to read, clear & reset fault codes and dash warning light within seconds. Found error codes can be viewed and deleted. Data from sensors can be viewed and stored. The OBDLink is also perfect for BMW motorcycles. The BMW motorcycles can be read with the OBDLink LX and the Motoscan app for BMW, for sale in the Play Store for Android. Coding your BMW car can be done with the OBDLink CX and Bimmercode, for sale in the Play / App store. Reading faultbcodes and coding in your Ford is possible with the OBDLink EX in combination with the Forscan software, for sale on the Forscan website, or in the Play / App store.

OBDLink makes it possible to read fault codes via Bluetooth and USB

OBDLink makes it possible to read fault codes via your phone, tablet or PC. The product range consists of 5 products:

  • OBDLink LX Bluetooth – Suitable for Android devices and PC
  • OBDLink SX USB – Suitable for PC
  • OBDLink MX+ – Suitable for Apple (iOS) Android devices and PC
  • OBDLink EX USB - Suitable for use with Forscan software / app for Ford on Apple, Android dcvices and PC
  • OBDLink CX - Suitable for use with Bimmercode software for BMW on Apple and Android devices and PC

The OBDLink tools works on all OBD2 compatible cars: petrol from 2001 onwards and diesel from 2004 onwards. Software and apps from OBDLink itself are included free of charge and can be activated with the built-in license code that comes with the equipment. Motoscan, Bimmercode and Forscan must be purchased separately. So there are additional costs involved.

OBDLink: reading OBD2 fault codes quick, easy and reliable.

With the OBDLink diagnostic equipment you can quickly and easily read and reset error codes in your car via your telephone, tablet or laptop. The OBDLink devices are available in a number of versions, namely in USB and Bluetooth. Due to the various variants, it is possible to diagnose your car with almost any device. The hardware used makes the equipment fast and reliable. The chip used is many times faster than that of the competition and is therefore able to process and display data much faster that is supplied by the current generation of cars.

OBDLink app and OBDwiz software

The OBDLink equipment comes with a license code. The software can be downloaded and activated by means of the license code. The software for the laptop is called OBDwiz and this software has been specially developed for and by OBDLink. The app for Apple and Android devices is called OBDLink and can be found in the Play Store and App Store. OBDLink distinguishes itself by supplying a full version of the software. Competitors only supply hardware and software must be purchased through another party. In this respect, OBDLink offers a unique concept.

What are the functionalities of the OBDLink devices?

The OBDLink equipment is suitable for reading and resetting OBD2 fault codes. What exactly does this mean? In Europe, OBD2 has been made mandatory for petrol cars from year 2001 onwards and for diesel cars from year 2004 onwards. OBD2 actually means nothing else than the engine management of the cars. This means that OBDLink can read the engine codes of petrol cars from year 2001 onwards and diesel cars from year 2004 onwards and erase error codes in the engine management. A car has a large number of sensors that measure data and pass it on to the car's on-board computer. OBDLink is able to display this (live) data from the sensors.

Important to know, what can the OBDLink not do?

OBDLink, with the supplied app/software, is only able to read the engine codes, erase error codes and display live data from the engine. Therefore, keep in mind that OBDLink does not read systems such as ABS, airbags, air conditioning, transmission, etc. It is also not possible to perform service-related actions, such as setting oil/service intervals, or releasing the parking brake. It is also not possible to program, code or enable functions with the OBDLink software/app. With BMW cars this is only possible in combination with Bimmercode, with BMW motorcycles this is only possible with the Motoscan app and with Ford only with Forscan.

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Obdlink ex forscan


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OBD Link LX Bluetooth

OBDLink LX Bluetooth Interface

Obdlink mx bluetooth ios

OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth Interface iOS&Android

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OBD Link SX USB interface

OBDLink SX USB Interface

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