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OBD Adapter Cables

An adapter cable is used to diagnose an older car with an OBD1 connection with newer diagnostic equipment with an OBD2 connection. An adapter cable is not a diagnostic cable. In addition to an adapter cable, you also need an interface or a so-called standalone readout device. Adapter cable is also called an adapter.


From around 1996, cars are equipped with OBD2 connections. An OBD2 connection is a 16 pin connection. This was standardized at the time. An OBD1 connection is usually located under the hood. You will usually find an OBD2 connection under the dashboard or in the center console of your car.

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Honda 5 pin OBD1 OBD2 adapter

Honda 5 Pin OBD1 - 16 Pin OBD2 Adapter

Iveco 38 pin OBD1 OBD2

Iveco 38 Pin OBD1 - 16 Pin OBD2 Adapter

OBD2 Y splitter

OBD-2 Y-Splitter Cable 16 pins 15cm

Opel 10 pin OBD1 OBD2 adapter

Opel 10 Pin OBD1 - 16 Pin OBD2 Adapter

Tesla model 3 diagnose kabel scan my tesla 1

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y diagnostic cable

Tesla Model S 12 pin

Tesla Model S diagnostic cable