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You are always entitled to the legal guarantee of your product. This means that a product must have the properties required for normal use, or also do what the buyer can reasonably expect from it. This means that a product may not show any defects under normal use during its expected lifespan. If a product does not meet these expectations, you are entitled to a warranty and you can contact us for a solution. The warranty applies to product defects / manufacturing defects. Not for user error or damage by your own doing.

Carvitas guarantees the soundness of the products you order from us. You therefore receive a standard 2-year warranty as described in the European Directive. In addition, we ensure fast warranty processing. Our guarantee does not apply to a defect caused by wear and tear, incorrect or intensive use.

What should I do in case of damage upon delivery?

Carvitas products are checked before shipment and then carefully packaged. Unfortunately, it can happen that you do not receive a product in good condition. If this happens, you must report this to us within five working days. You can do this by sending an email to info@carvitas.com and we will provide a suitable solution.

How do I return a product for warranty?

Before you send a product to us for warranty, make sure you have reported this to us by e-mail at info@carvitas.com. In this way we can ensure that the product arrives directly at the right department upon arrival.

When reporting your warranty claim, you will also receive instructions from us for returning the product. Make sure that it is packaged correctly and that a clear description of the problem, the order number and name are included.

How does the request for repair work?

Upon receipt of your warranty report, we assess the device and replicate your problem description. In many cases, many problems can be solved by providing the equipment with new software, if this does not help, we will assess whether we exchange the device immediately, or whether we send the product to the relevant manufacturer or importer for repair / exchange. We will keep you informed about the steps to be taken during the process.

If the product no longer falls within the warranty period or warranty conditions, we will contact you about any repair costs.

Are repairs always free?

If the product breaks down within the warranty period and it is a manufacturing defect, the repair is free of charge.

If the defect is due to your own fault, a repair fee will be charged. It is not possible to indicate in advance how high these possible costs will be. After receipt, we examine the product and then make a quotation.

What if my product is defective outside the warranty period?

If the product breaks down after the warranty period, you can contact us. We will then look at what is possible on a case-by-case basis.