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iCarsoft CR Max

The iCarsoft CR Max is the latest device in the iCarsoft line after the EU Pro and CR Pro+. Whereas the previous models focused on diagnostics and minor maintenance tasks, the CR Max has been completely redeveloped from the ground up to develop a full-coverage device that is user-friendly for the serious hobbyist and fleet managers. With this redevelopment, iCarsoft has also introduced a new hardware platform with the CR Max, the CR Max operates on an Android tablet with a touchscreen.

The iCarsoft CR Max has very broad coverage in terms of brands and vehicles, both modern vehicles with OBD2, as well as older vehicles with OBD1. As mentioned, the CR Max can do more than the previous models, among other things, it is now also possible to reset adaptation values, perform coding and perform deeper diagnostics than ever before.

Full EOBD/OBD2 support
Read and clear error codes in all existing systems
Live data and freeze frame display
Special functions: Oil/service reset EPB, SAS, DPF, ETC
Component control and coding
Reset adaptation values
Calibration of components

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iCarsoft CR Max
10 Feedback Company
from 49 reviews
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iCarsoft CR Max universal diagnosis and service tablet

The CR Max is primarily designed and built for the advanced hobbyist, this in that it has not only diagnostic and service functions, but also advanced functions that until now were only available in very expensive professional garage equipment such as erasing learned (adaptation) values of certain systems (ECUs), calibrating various systems and coding new parts.

Of course, the iCarsoft CR Max Android tablet also has all the diagnostic and service functions on board that you are used to from the EU Pro and CR Pro+ for example, such as doing a service reset, controlling the electronic handbrake and coding injectors etc. If you have specific questions about support for your car or certain functions, please contact us, we will be happy to check it out for you.

What is the iCarsoft CR Max capable of?

  • Full diagnosis of the OBD2/EOBD engine management
  • Display of live and freeze frame data
  • Read VIN, CIN and CVN vehicle information and automatic vehicle recognition
  • Read and clear error codes from specific electronic systems, such as ABS, airbags, transmission, instrument panel, brakes, lights, etc.
  • Guided on-screen service functions
  • Resetting and setting of oil/service intervals
  • Battery registration (BMS)
  • Opening and closing of the electronic park brake
  • Steering angle sensor calibration
  • DPF for particulate filter regeneration
  • ETC for gas valve learning/calibration
  • ABS / Brakes bleeding
  • Coding injectors
  • Body control module (BCM), for example resetting or deleting adaptation values and controlling the module
  • Transmission (TCM), e.g. resetting or deleting adaptation values and changing the oil level
  • TPMS programming new sens
  • Air suspension adaptation values and control
  • Controlling and resetting the air conditioning compressor
  • Calibration of the seats
  • Calibration of the headlights
  • Free lifetime updates from iCarsoft

What gets deliverd with the iCarsoft?

  • Android-based iCarsoft CR Max diagnostic tablet
  • Universal OBD2 (system) cable
  • USB cable and power adapter for charging
  • Storage case
  • Manual

Specifications of the CR Max

Operating SystemAndroid 8.1.0
Processor4Nuclear 1.3 Ghz


7-inch touchscreen with 1024x600 resolution


Mini USB 2.0 / USB 2.0 / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / OBD2 DLC


Audio out: built-in speaker

Battery3.7V 5000Mah lithium polymer battery, can be charged via USB and via OBD2
Battery lifeApproximately 5 hours of continuous use
Weight750 grams

iCarsoft CR Max languages:

  • Danish
  • German
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • Swedish
Advantages & drawbacks
  • Fully EOBD/OBD2 compatible
  • Compatible with OBD1 vehicles
  • Read and clear error codes in all existing systems
  • Live data and freeze frame display
  • Speciale functies: Olie/service reset EPB, SAS, BMS, DPF, ETC
  • Controlling and coding components
  • Resetting adaptation values
  • Calibration of components
  • Software completely supported in English
  • At 750 grams fairly heavy
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  • Features ABS, Battery coding, Controlling Actuators, Airbag, Teach in, Component testing, Operate electronic parking brake, Erase fault codes, Freeze frame, Teach in throttle valve, Injector coding, Parts coding, Lambda probe / o2 sensors, Live data, Engine diagnostics, Engine management reset, Oil reset, Coding, Brake pad reset, DPF regeneration, Scantool, Service reset, Immobilizer, Calibrate steering angle sensor, Transmission
  • Protocol CAN, EOBD, ISO 9141, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, JDM, JOBD, K-Line, KWP-2000, OBD1, OBD2
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Review by Robert Vonk
Broad coverage and deg...

Wide coverage and solid device

Review by DB
Fijne display, makke...

Fine display, easy controls, lots of extra with help, actually works like tablet, very nice. Diagnostics also worked fine, erase fault codes and actuator tests. Have yet to delve into the rest of all the features

Review by A de Vos
Convenient to use and...

Convenient to use and suitable for various cars. Bought for my Mercedes diesel and can do a lot of things with it that other devices do not support for Mercedes. Many possibilities to diagnose faster in the right direction or the exact problem. Updates easy to download and install per car make. Very satisfied with it!

Review by Mo
It is top this tabl...

It is top this tablet really happy top

Review by Eric van der Eerden
Fine machine, but ...

Great machine, but missed adblue reset capability for my Sprinter. Otherwise top machine!

Review by Marcin
Very nice product. F...

Very nice product. For simple using and advanced.

Review by Nas
Works quickly, easily...

Works quickly, easily and fits comfortably in the hand.

Review by Prinse auto’s
Convenient to use , ...

Convenient to use , easy to operate

Review by Simon
works fairly intui...

works fairly intuitively for and hobbyist.

Review by Render's garage
Works excellently with...

Works excellent with clear description

Review by Michael van affelen van saemsfoort
A nice and good co...

A nice and good computer with which you can read all cars

Review by Rudy
Works quickly and well ...

Works quickly and well Good overview

Review by Stepan
Not all cars have th...

Not all cars have the ability to coding

Review by Fanskar
Just what I was looking for...

Exactly what I was looking for for my Renault megane . Could get into all computer systems of the car and view lots of live data . Easy operation by tablet version . Programming ( like the renault clip can ) will not work but that is not an issue for me at all . Super satisfied !!!

Review by Michael Lageman
Does a lot. Heef...

Does a lot. Found my problem within 20 minutes. Instead of the generic codes you get on the cheaper ODBII readers. Do really like the smooth running feature, could see that injectors 1 and 4 were leaking. Very boosted injector cleaner through the system and everything is now within parameters. Was -600 on cylinder 1 and -300 on cylinder 4. Now all cylinders around +60, runs like a charm, now just replace broken NoX sensor and done.

Review by Aad
Plenty of functions e...

Sufficient features and attractive price

Review by Wilfried
Bought this one omw...

Bought this one because of its versatility at a good price.

Review by Rinus Jee
Very comprehensive odb...

Very comprehensive odb scanner. Also includes mail and internet functions

Review by Frank Goossens
For the price, the...

For the price, this one can do a lot. And certainly for someone with multiple cars, the info gathered is more than enough. Brand specific units I think can do more in terms of keys programming for example.

Review by Stef
I still can't v...

I can't tell much about it yet! Not so long in my possession! But so far very tevrede!

Review by Geen
Not yet tried ...

Not yet tried and after using definitely a judgment

Review by Michael
Convenient and clear....

Convenient and clear. Works well.

Review by Joris
Can handle virtually any mod...

Can read almost all modules for a lot of cars

Review by Pie
It lies well in you ha...

It lie well in you hands see much better than the small screen, everything you need is included. And especially with the case is very handy. Disadvantage: Is that you sometimes have to find out what motorcycle code you must have I. V. directly read out. And by that you are the time bit lost.

Review by Bkstrading
Reads everything quickly and ...

Reads everything quickly and well perfect ?

Review by Olmax
A manual or Y...

A manual or YouTube movie would be helpful

Review by Robert Snoeks
Nice product, but d...

Nice product, but the software for my Mercedes Vito could be a little better. Does not read deeply enough for certain parts.

Review by Peter van Oers
this one has more moge...

this one has more features,so for future hopefully also useful

Review by Spruyt Peter
Goed product , simpe...

Good product , simple to use , clear manual !

Review by Sander albers
works variably, maa...

works variably, but with recent models it is very fast and is a perfect tool.

Review by Jeroen
Very good device , ...

Very good device , works fine only problem I personally find if you put it in Dutch with the brand Kia it is partly in English

Review by Tomas
for the time being without pr...

for the time being without problems and can do anything with detecting and coding or properly diagnosing