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What is EOBD

EOBD stands for European On-Board Diagnostic and is equivalent to OBD2. EOBD applies to all passenger cars that fall into the M1 category and were produced after January 1, 2001 if it concerns a petrol engine, or after January 1, 2004 if it concerns a diesel engine.

It is also mandatory for commercial vehicles to comply with the EOBD guidelines. Commercial vehicles must comply with the EODB guidelines if they were produced after 1 January 2007.

EOBD fault codes

Each EOBD error codes consists of 5 characters. The first character is a letter, followed by 4 numbers. The letter refers to the system in which the error codes are located. The second character is a 0, if it conforms to the EOBD standard.

It also has the ability to store fault codes and 'Freeze Frame' data* related to an emissions related incident. This makes it possible to look back under which circumstances the error code arose.

EOBD connector

The EOBD connection is the same as an OBD2 connection. The connection consists of a standardized 16 pin plug.