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The Awaited Return: Launch Diagnostic Tools Now Available at Carvitas!

By Roel Klein - 30 Oct 2023

We're thrilled to announce the return of the distinguished brand Launch to our webshop at Carvitas. Known for its innovative and reliable automotive diagnostic equipment, Launch has always been a favorite among professionals and auto enthusiasts alike. After several years of absence, we're now reintroducing this prestigious brand, bringing you a fresh collection of OBD diagnostic tools tailored to modern vehicle troubleshooting and maintenance.

About Launch:

With a rich history stretching back decades, Launch has steadfastly held the reins of automotive diagnostic technology, continually setting new benchmarks in the industry. Their unwavering dedication to innovation is mirrored in a broad spectrum of OBD2 and EOBD diagnostic tools that empower technicians with the requisite tools to conduct swift, precise diagnoses of vehicular issues. Every product under the Launch umbrella stands as a hallmark of top-tier engineering and robust functionality, meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the stringent demands of today’s fast-evolving automotive domain.

What’s New:

Our carefully curated selection of Launch diagnostic tools heralds the latest advancements in vehicle diagnostic technology. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY car enthusiast, our Launch collection encompasses a tool tailored to meet your diagnostic needs, ensuring unrivaled accuracy in diagnostics and efficiency in repairs. With Launch, you’re not just getting a diagnostic tool; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence and a smoother, more insightful diagnostic journey.

Why Choose Launch:

  • Precision: Delve into a realm of pinpoint accurate and reliable diagnostics with Launch’s groundbreaking equipment. Every reading is precise, enabling a clear pathway to identifying and resolving automotive issues.
  • User-Friendly: The intuitive interfaces and easy-to-read displays characteristic of Launch tools strip away the complexity, offering a streamlined, user-centric diagnostic experience. Their tools are crafted keeping in mind both the seasoned technician and the novice, ensuring ease of use across the board.
  • Durable: The robust construction of Launch diagnostic tools is a testament to their longevity. Designed to endure the everyday rigors of automotive environments, these tools are your rugged companions in the quest for flawless vehicle performance.

Get Yours Today:

Venture into our freshly stocked assortment of Launch diagnostic tools and unravel the superior functionality and convenience that defines the essence of Launch. It's an opportune moment to elevate your diagnostic endeavors with the trusted quality and unmatched performance that Launch is celebrated for.


At CarVitas, our mission is an unwavering dedication to availing the creme de la creme of automotive diagnostic equipment to our esteemed clientele. The triumphant return of Launch to our webshop is a testament to our enduring commitment to offering supreme diagnostic solutions that resonate with the dynamic needs of automotive professionals across the European landscape. As you explore the new Launch collection, you’re not just browsing through diagnostic tools; you’re stepping into a legacy of automotive diagnostic excellence.