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Tesla model 3 cable

This manual describes how to connect the Tesla diagnostic cable in the Model 3.


Model 3 installation:


The Tesla Model 3 MUST be turned off before plugging the cable into the diagnostic connector. The shutdown takes 15 minutes and is performed from the main screen in the Tesla. If you do not turn off the car before inserting the cable into the diagnostic connector, ujow car may be damaged and errors may occur.

Location of the diagnostic connector in the Model 3:

The Model 3 diagnostic connector is located at the rear of the center console, under the air vents, and can be accessed from the rear legroom after removing the rear center console cover.

How to get to the diagnostic connector?

  • Slide both front seats all the way forward.
  • Go to the back seat of the vehicle and locate the small plastic panel at the bottom of the center console between the two front seats. This panel is held in place by five push-fit clips. The clips release when pressure is applied, allowing the panel to be opened. The panel is designed to be removed by hand.
  • Using an Allen wrench or L-shaped screwdriver, slide the short end of the tool under the panel on the right side.
  • Rotate the tool so that the short end is vertical.
  • Pull toward you, parallel to the floor.
  • The bottom right clip that holds the panel in place should now be loose.

  • Use your hands to pull the panel toward you and loosen the clip at the top right.
  • Loosen and open the remaining three clips and pull the panel free

  • Inside the panel you will find the Tesla Proprietary Diagnostic Connector.
  • Press the clip that holds the white connector in place and slide to the left to release it.
  • Then plug the two white ends of the cables into the corresponding connectors in the vehicle.
  • Push until they click into place. The connectors only fit one way.
  • Then you can plug in the OBDLink dongle and connect it to your phone or tablet.

Note: Connecting equipment to your Tesla is done entirely at your own risk. Carvitas cannot be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle caused by improper use of this product. The user is responsible for checking for any damage to the cable before use. Both upon receipt and before each use. The cable we supply is an adapter that allows you to read data from the car. The cable uses the car's CAN hi and Lo signals and also powers the OBD dongle.