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iCarsoft i810 and i990 updates

This update guide is for the following products:

  • iCarsoft i810
  • iCarsoft i990 Honda

Step 1: For these products, use the iCarsoft update tool V3.5. Once you have downloaded the V3.5 update tool, you can open the file by clicking the UpdateTool.exe file to install.

Step 2:
Connect your iCarsoft i810 or iCarsoft i990 to your computer with the included USB data cable.

Step 3:
When you launch the update program, you can click on "Update" to start updating. Here you need to select a so-called .BIN file to put on your device. You can find these files per device via the links below

iCarsoft i810 update file

iCarsoft i990 update file

Download the appropriate file for your device, save this file to your computer and unzip it.

Step 4:
Then in the update program, go to the folder where you extracted the file and open it. The device starts updating (takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your internet speed and the file you selected). Do not disconnect the device while updating. When the device has finished updating you will get a notification of this. Do not disconnect your device until after this notification!