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Renault 12 Pin OBD1 - 16 Pin OBD2 Adapter

Converter cable from OBD-1 (12 pin) to OBD-2 for older Renault models. You need this plug to connect a diagnostic computer to your car.

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Renault 12 Pin OBD1 - 16 Pin OBD2 Adapter
10 Feedback Company
from 49 reviews
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Renault 12 Pin OBD1 - 16 Pin OBD2

The 12-pin OBD1 cable for Renault is a specific interface used to extract diagnostic information from Renault brand vehicles. OBD stands for "On-Board Diagnostics," which literally translated means "on-board diagnostics." It is a system that allows mechanics and other professionals to check the status of various vehicle systems.

In the early years of vehicle diagnostics, there were many different types of connectors and protocols in use, depending on the car manufacturer and model. Renault, a prominent French car brand, used a 12-pin OBD1 connector for many of their vehicles. This connector differs from the later, more standardized OBD2 connectors found in most modern vehicles.

The 12-pin OBD1 cable for Renault was specifically designed to work with the electronic systems of Renault vehicles. By connecting this cable to the vehicle's OBD1 port, mechanics and technicians could access valuable diagnostic information. This included, for example, fault code data.

One of the advantages of using the OBD1 cable for Renault was that it allowed mechanics to identify the cause of problems more quickly. This saved time and money by taking the guesswork out of the diagnostic process.

While the 12-pin OBD1 cable for Renault was very useful in its day, it has in many ways become obsolete with the advent of the OBD2 standard. OBD2 offers a more standardized approach to vehicle diagnostics, with a uniform connector and protocol for all vehicles, regardless of make or model. Nevertheless, the OBD1 cable remains an essential tool for anyone working on older Renault vehicles that still use the 12-pin connector.

This cable converts an OBD1 connection into an OBD2 connection. To read out your Renault you will need a reader that is OBD1 compatible.

Advantages & drawbacks
  • Using this adapter cable, you can also use a compatible reader to read an older Renault before the year 2001
  • Rugged materials for endless use
  • Works only with readers that also support the OBD1 protocol
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Specs summary
  • Manufacturer Renault
  • Features Adapter, Converter Cable
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