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On the face of it, it works fine. What is annoying is that you have to enter your car make and type etc. every time. Also the reading is not always easy. By using the VIN number for example, I did not get the right information. I also find the options somewhat limited for what something so "simple" costs and mainly focused on newer cars. I had a malfunction in the ABS and thought it was a sensor , after reading it as the abs pump , so I could immediately look at the cause. I did choose this one because it can read many brands and has more functions. I also have a cheaper Icarsoft specifically for Peugeot/Citroen , which works just as well but specifically for a select number of cars so I could only read the OBD of my Renault. So now I can read out many brands with the CR PrPro+ . I would only purchase this product if you tinker with cars more often and/or own/want to read out multiple brands.