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iCarsoft KR V2.0 Hyundai / Kia

The iCarsoft KR V2.0 was developed for the car brands Hyundai and Kia and can read out many models of these brands. With the KR V2.0, any system can be read out. The error codes found can be cleared. In addition to diagnostic functions, the iCarsoft also possesses special functions for resetting and setting oil and service intervals, releasing the electronic parking brake, calibrating the steering angle sensor, regenerating soot filter and learning throttle.

Reading and erasing error codes in all existing systems
Live data and freeze frame display
Special functions: Oil/service reset EPB, SAS, DPF, ETC

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iCarsoft KR V2.0 Hyundai / Kia

The iCarsoft KR V2.0 Hyundai / Kia is the latest diagnostic tool from iCarsoft for Hyundai and Kia. The KR V2.0 is well further developed by iCarsoft and has some additional service features compared to their predecessors. Thus, the iCarsoft KR V2.0 can also handle the latest Hyundai and Kia models just fine in all areas. The new added special functions are: DPF for soot filter regeneration, ETC for throttle body learning and SAS for steering angle sensor calibration.

What is the iCarsoft KR V2.0 capable of?

  • Readout of OBD2/EOBD engine management
  • Reading out other electronic systems, such as ABS, airbags, transmission, instrument panel, brakes, lights etc etc.
  • Resetting and setting oil/service intervals
  • Opening and closing of the electronic parking brake (EPB)
  • Steering angle sensor calibration
  • DPF for particulate filter regeneration
  • ETC for gas valve learning
  • Found error codes are displayed with description
  • Error code tips to determine the cause of the error code faster
  • Readout of VIN, CIN and CVN vehicle information
  • Display of live data and freeze frame
  • Free updates via iCarsoft updater

What gets delivered with the iCarsoft?

  • iCarsoft KR V2.0 reader
  • Universal OBD2 cable
  • Storage bag
  • Manual
Advantages & drawbacks
  • Fully EOBD/OBD2 compatible
  • Limited OBD1 compatibility
  • Read and clear error codes in all existing systems
  • Live data and freeze frame display
  • Speciale functies: Olie/service reset EPB, SAS, BMS, DPF, ETC
  • Only suitable for Hyundai and Kia vehicles
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Specs summary
  • Manufacturer Hyundai, Kia
  • Device properties Free updates, Handheld, Updates
  • Features ABS, Airbag, Operate electronic parking brake, Erase fault codes, Freeze frame, Teach in throttle valve, Lambda probe / o2 sensors, Live data, Engine diagnostics, Engine management reset, Oil reset, Brake pad reset, DPF regeneration, Scantool, Service reset, Calibrate steering angle sensor, Transmission
  • Protocol CAN, EOBD, ISO 9141, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, KWP-2000, OBD1, OBD2
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