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Professional VW Audi interfaces

For car repair workshops and the serious enthusiast, a professional VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda) OBD2 interface is indispensable in daily work. Unlike many other car brands, VAG often has more equipment available that works in an easy way.

Two brands of interfaces are currently leading in the market, these are Ross Tech with their VAG-COM (VCDS) interfaces and VCP Systems with their VCP interfaces. If you also have an OBD2 problem or even OBD1, it can almost certainly be solved with one of these two interfaces.

What is the difference VCP and VCDS?

This is a frequently asked question, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. The main differences between these interfaces can be found in the specializations.

VCP is somewhat easy to use in some areas due to the so-called OCF (One Click Functions, or performing an action with 1 click), while VCDS requires several actions. In this respect, the VCP is slightly easier to use than VCDS for the standard functions. Many workshops still choose the VCDS for VAG cars because it has more functionality and is more flexible.

Despite that, VCP can also do more in other areas, really intended for professional use. For example, VIM (Video In Motion) can be activated and ECUs can be flashed. Additional modules must be purchased for both of these actions. Also keep in mind that updating VCP requires a subscription for 12 months (first 12 months free). VCDS interfaces have free software updates, and VCDS has more regular updates with new features and cars.

Advantages and disadvantages of both interfaces:


  • + One Click functions to make adjustments quickly and easily
  • + Lower purchase price
  • + ECU flashing and VIM-activation possible (after purchasing extra modules)
  • - Updates after 12 months cost 85 euros per 12 months
  • - Additional modules must be paid for
  • - There is less explanation on forums
  • - Somewhat difficult software installation


  • + Known and a lot of information can be found on the internet about use, coding, etc.
  • + Easy software installation
  • + Free updates
  • + The most used software in the industry
  • + A wireless variant is available that can communicate with both the computer and the telephone
  • - Higher purchase price
  • - VIM activation and ECU flashing not possible

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