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Foxwell NT530 Ford

The Foxwell NT530 Ford is a scan tool with professional capabilities, at a normal price. The NT530 is equipped with the normal OBD2 diagnostic capabilities, along with the ability to read all other modules. Besides reading, the NT530 can perform many service related operations, such as resetting and setting oil and service intervals, regenerating particulate filter, learning throttle body, controlling actuators, erasing adaptation values, learning parts etc etc. This reader works on both older cars with OBD1 and the new cars with OBD2. Want to know if this device is suitable for your car? Check the Ford feature list at the bottom of the page. It is possible that the latest Ford models are not yet supported.

EOBD/OBD2 engine management diagnosis
OBD1 diagnosis
Diagnosis of all modules
Live data and Freeze Frame data display
Actuators control, adaption values reset
Programming and teaching components
Service capabilities: oil/service reset, SAS, particulate filter, EPB, SRS

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Foxwell NT530 Ford
10 Feedback Company
from 49 reviews
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Foxwell NT530 for Ford

The Foxwell NT530 with software for Ford allows you to perform high-level diagnostics on your car. However, you are not limited to only the Ford brand. The NT530 can be expanded with up to 4 additional modules from other brands. Expansion can be done at the time of purchase, or later when desired. With this flexible system, you don't have to make a large investment all at once; you can upgrade when the need arises. Many Ford models can be diagnosed with the NT530, but not every model. To ensure that your Ford can be diagnosed with this device, we refer you to the function list at the bottom of the page. It precisely describes which module of which model can be accessed.

NT530 Ford Functionalities

In addition to standard OBD2 functionality, the NT530 also has features that until now were only reserved for expensive diagnostic equipment and interfaces.

Compatibility with Ford models: The NT530 is compatible with a wide range of Ford models, including passenger cars, SUVs, and even some light commercial vehicles. This makes it a versatile tool for owners of multiple Ford vehicles.
Comprehensive OBDII diagnostics:
The device supports all OBDII functions, including reading and erasing error codes, displaying live data, and performing the I/M emission test. This is essential for identifying problems with the engine and emission systems.
Special functions:
The NT530 goes beyond standard OBDII scanners by offering special features such as bi-directional tests, component adjustment, and component activation. This allows users to perform in-depth diagnostics and test certain parts without physical disassembly.
Service functions:
The device offers a range of service functions such as oil service reset, EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) service, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration, and TPS/TBA (Throttle Body) adjustment. These functions are crucial for routine maintenance of Ford vehicles.
Programming and coding
: Although the NT530 does not have the full programming and coding capabilities of more expensive professional tools, it does offer some support for adjusting certain vehicle settings and registering parts in modules.
: With an intuitive user interface and a clear LCD screen, the NT530 is designed for ease of use. The device is plug-and-play, meaning it does not require complex installation.
Live data and graphs:
The ability to read live data and display it in graph form is a powerful feature for diagnosing intermittent problems and checking the health of the engine and other systems in real-time.
Multisystem diagnosis
: In addition to the engine, users with the NT530 can also diagnose other systems, such as ABS, airbags, transmission, climate control, and more. This makes it an all-in-one tool for vehicle diagnostics.
Software updates:
Foxwell regularly provides updates for the NT530, keeping the device up-to-date with the latest vehicle models and diagnostic procedures.

Below is a summary of the capabilities.

  • Read generic OBD2 error codes
  • Display live data in almost all modules
  • Read Ford specific error codes
  • Control actuators
  • Make adjustments in the car's software
  • Program modules in various ECUs
  • Support for EPB/SBC
  • Throttle body learning
  • Service interval reset
  • Oil interval reset
  • Reset adaptation values
  • Regenerate particulate filter
  • Adjust headlights
  • Calibration of the steering angle sensor
  • Learning new parts
  • Learning replaced parts
  • Opening and closing electronic brake calipers

Why buy a Foxwell NT530 Ford?

The Foxwell NT530 for Ford is an impressive diagnostic device that offers a large number of features for both the DIY enthusiast and the professional mechanic. With its extensive OBD2 diagnostic capabilities, special features, and support for multiple systems, it is a valuable investment for anyone serious about maintaining and diagnosing Ford vehicles. The user-friendliness and the ability to visualize live data increase the attractiveness of this device.

Although it may not offer all the advanced features of more expensive professional tools, the NT530 manages to strike a balance between functionality and affordability, making it an excellent choice for most users. Regular software updates and reliable customer service from Foxwell ensure that the NT530 remains a relevant and reliable diagnostic device in the rapidly changing world of automotive technology.

In short, the Foxwell NT530 for Ford is a versatile, user-friendly, and cost-effective OBD2 device that offers a large number of features essential for modern vehicle maintenance. Whether you are a Ford owner who does your own maintenance or a professional looking for a reliable diagnostic tool, the NT530 is an option that is definitely worth considering.

What is included with the Foxwell NT530?

  • Foxwell NT530 scanner
  • Nylon storage bag
  • 150cm OBD2 cable
  • USB cable for updating the device via PC
  • SD card
  • User manual
Advantages & drawbacks
  • EOBD/OBD2 engine management diagnosis
  • OBD1 diagnosis
  • Diagnosis of all modules
  • Live data and Freeze Frame data display
  • Controlling actuators, resetting adaptation values
  • Programming and teaching parts
  • Service capabilities: oil/service reset, SAS, particulate filter, EPB, SRS
  • Multilingual software
  • Suitable for Ford vehicles only
  • Windows computer or laptop required to install the software on the tester
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Specs summary
  • Manufacturer Ford EU, Ford USA
  • Device properties Free updates, Handheld, Updates
  • Features ABS, Controlling Actuators, Airbag, Operate electronic parking brake, Erase fault codes, Freeze frame, Teach in throttle valve, Lambda probe / o2 sensors, Live data, Engine diagnostics, Engine management reset, Oil reset, Brake pad reset, DPF regeneration, Scantool, Service reset, Calibrate steering angle sensor, Transmission
  • Protocol CAN, EOBD, ISO 9141, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, K-Line, KWP-2000, OBD1, OBD2
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