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iCarsoft VOL V1.0 Volvo / Saab diagnostic device

The iCarsoft VOL V1.0 is a diagnostic tool for the car brands Volvo and Saab. For both these brands the OBDII / EOBD (engine management) can be read out, as well as many other available systems. The oil/service can also be reset. VOL V1.0 is suitable for models built from the year 1997 to the present (see function lists at the bottom of the page for exact vehicle and system coverage). Reading your Volvo / Saab is quick and easy with this device.

Read and clear error codes in all existing systems
Live data display
Oil/service reset

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iCarsoft VOL V1.0 Volvo / Saab diagnostic device
10 Feedback Company
from 41 reviews
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iCarsoft VOL V1.0 Volvo / Saab diagnostic device

The iCarsoft VOL V1.0 fully reads Volvo and Saab models. With the VOL V1.0 you can read out the engine management as well as many other systems such as Engine, Airbag, ABS, ESP and Transmission. Should error codes be found in a system, you have the option of clearing the error code with the iCarsoft VOL V1.0. For accurate diagnosis, the VOL V1.0 also allows you to display live data in different systems. In addition to diagnostic capabilities, you can also reset the oil/service interval.

How does the error code reader iCarsoft VOL V1.0 work?

The iCarsoft VOL V1.0 is a diagnostic device with extensive diagnostic capabilities and it is very easy to use. When you connect the VOL V1.0 to your car, after the car is turned on the ignition, you can read the OBD2 (engine management) of your car, or you can read various other systems. When error codes are found, they are displayed with description on the device. Of course, it is also possible to clear these error codes with the VOL V1.0.

The iCarsoft VOL V1.0 can reset oil/service intervals and reads and clears errors in all systems such as:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • ABS
  • Airbag
  • Air conditioning
  • Instrument panel
  • Tires
  • Seats
  • Body
  • Chassis
  • Doors
  • Brakes
  • Lighting
  • Communication

What gets delivered with the Volvo / Saab scanner iCarsoft VOL V1.0?

  • iCarsoft VOL V1.0 Volvo / Saab reader
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Sturdy nylon storage bag

Works on the following Volvo and Saab models:

    • 850
    • 960
    • C30
    • C70
    • C70 Coupe
    • C70 Cabrio
    • S40
    • S60
    • S70
    • S80
    • S90
    • V40
    • V40CC
    • V50
    • V60
    • V70
    • V70 XC
    • V90
    • XC60
    • XC70
    • XC90
  • 9-5 (1998 to 2010)
  • 9-3 (1998 to 2012)
  • 9-3 Sport (2003 to 2012)
  • 9-7 (2005 to 2009)

Carvitas supplies only original iCarsoft products, supplied by iCarsoft Netherlands.

Advantages & drawbacks
  • Fully EOBD/OBD2 compatible
  • Limited OBD1 compatibility
  • Read and clear error codes in all existing systems
  • Live data and freeze frame display
  • Special function: oil/service reset
  • Only suitable for Volvo and Saab
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Specs summary
  • Manufacturer Saab, Volvo
  • Device properties Free updates, Handheld, Updates
  • Features ABS, Airbag, Erase fault codes, Freeze frame, Lambda probe / o2 sensors, Live data, Engine diagnostics, Engine management reset, Oil reset, Scantool, Service reset, Transmission
  • Protocol CAN, EOBD, ISO 9141, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, KWP-2000, OBD1, OBD2
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Review by F
All faults inzic...

All faults insight for my Volvo v70 type 2. Also everything to reset. Good device for a great price.

Review by Peter
Tis equally familiar r...

Tis a bit of getting familiar..the user interface could be a bit more informative. It was designed by and for technicians. To make it more user-friendly for the do-it-yourselfer, it could be a bit better. But the device does what is promised. So definitely not a bad buy.

Review by J. van Dijk
Works perfectly on me....

Works perfectly on my volvo v70. Goes a little deeper than an ordinary obd scanner also e.g. airbag malfunction and gearbox malfunctions can be read. I do not need a dealer anymore

Review by rudy leuntjens
I now have volvo c70 ...

I have now bought volvo c70 from 2006 , done auto mechanics myself 30 years , now in retirement , I can also repair it myself

Review by Van Riel
The fact that the late...

The fact that the latest updates are loaded so no hassle updating a new and as yet unknown device just up to date out of the box And as far as the scanner is concerned expandable with other brands and the functionality supported

Review by Rob Folmer
Especially the reset function...

Especially the reset function is top notch.

Review by Frans
All readable from m...

Everything readable from my Volvo! Finally

Review by J. Donker
The device works g...

The device works well but could be a little more comprehensive

Review by Henk Martens
Easy to operate...

Easy to use, not too much fuss that I don't like.

Review by Theo Wilken
Clearly indicates ...

Indicates clearly what is going on. Diagnosis.

Review by Rohacare
Can read everything N...

Can read everything Dutch language

Review by Arjen
convenient device, pre...

handy device, just what I needed

Review by Chris Gerritsen.
My Volvo within a...

My Volvo read and reset within a few minutes.

Review by Collette Agna
Does what I expect it to...

Does what I desired from it. Resetting error code. I did think the instructions could have been clearer. So I would appreciate an extra appendix from the supplier.

Review by Gino
Full diagnosis h...

Complete diagnosis whole car. Reset in all areas where needed.

Review by Thijmen
Good quality indicate...

Good quality clear manual.

Review by Moaad
I was at the garage...

I had been to the garage. To read something and to reset it but it didn't work. I bought this device from you and connected it to the Volvo and they reset it.

Review by anonymous
Easy to work with...

Easy to work with. And do exactly what I expected it to do.

Review by v.d veen.
Works fine, easily...

Works fine, easy operation.

Review by Erik
Does what it needs to do...

Does what it is supposed to do. You can easily go through all systems of the car. Read error codes and reset if necessary. Great thing!

Review by Anton
Super handy tool v...

Super handy tool for any Saab owner.

Review by Frickus
Device seems to me o...

Device seems ok to me, unfortunately not for my type of '98 engine

Review by Jan Vries
Solid and quite mak...

Solid and quite easy to operate.

Review by anonymous
Excellent product, ...

Excellent product, reads all essential error codes nicely. A bit of a hitch at first startup but the manual explains very well how things work. Also DTC database available.

Review by Rik
I have the device ...

I connected the device and was able to read the error codes. The real-time data was also helpful. Following the error code, I was able to find the broken sensor and replace it with a new one. Error codes cleared and thus fixed the problem.

Review by O.T. van der Veen
Solid device, with...

Solid device, with a clear reading window. Many options for reading the engine.

Review by Jerry
Does what is described ...

Does what is described for n good price

Review by kijker
Product specific vo...

Product specifically for my volvo, quick and easy to handle and current readout of important values for me; cooling water-oil temperature as well as that of the automatic transmission

Review by Sebastiaan
Easy to use...

Easy to use and does its job well. Even read and cleared error codes on a Ford.

Review by Michel
Good because of brand sp...

Good because of brand specific software and plu and play

Review by anonymous
Does exactly what I ...

Does exactly what I expected and described!

Review by anonymous
very robust and no...

very robust and no excessive fuss

Review by Mateus
Maintenance of saab i...

Maintenance of saab is not cheap in maintenance,hence.

Review by D.van den Broek
Clear usea...

Clear instruction manual,very user friendly.

Review by anonymous
minimalist hand...

minimalist manual , found clear instruction via youtube